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The Developing Childhood program is an industry leading e-health tool which teaches parents how to assist their baby’s development.  It uses proven milestone achievement strategies and has been developed by one of Australia’s most experienced Brain Injury Therapists.

Developing Childhood is pleased to announce that they have established a global distributor program so that other like-minded professional organisations/groups (e.g. allied therapists, community based organisations, mother and child welfare organisations, health insurers, hospitals, child care centres, medical centres, disability organisations, insurance organisations, child development programs, local, state and national government agencies,  support groups, parent education groups, etc.) can help spread the word and be an approved distributor of:


Baby and Toddler's Online Health Software
Teaching parents how to asist their baby's development

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If you are involved with any of the groups named above or would like further information yourself on how you can help establish Developing Childhood programs for parents and their babies and toddlers in your area, please contact

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